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Mandy Taylor Goes Under
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Mandy Taylor HypnosisMandy Taylor Hypnotized...

Welcome back Mandy, she is sporting a new slick brunette hairdo, and goes deeper into a hypnotic trance than the moment before.  I can't wait to get these clips out there in its entirety cause it is awesome stuff.

Mandy went way further this time than before, at a certain given point I have her orgasming on command, and playing with herself!  

Quite intoxicating to see such a strong beautiful amazon woman, submit and become a doll for me to play with how ever I desire.

More pictures after the fold....

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Danielle Trixie Hypno Set Complete!
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 20 October 2009
Danielle Trixie Hypnotized

Danielle Trixie Hypnosis Set Complete

I met Danielle in Tampa during Fetishcon, and I ended up bringing her up to my hotel room, and I hypnotized her.  During the whole session we did alot of freeze, stuck, and other fun things - Danielle was great, her entire body going limp when I would say "SLEEP", and rigid when I'd say "FREEZE"...

Her complete set of videos are now available on my clip store!  Click more to see more details and more photographs!


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Nikki Brooks LIVE Oct 7th!
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 03 October 2009

Nikki LiveNikki Brooks LIVE hypnosis event Oct 7th 9:00pm EST

The month of October is becoming quite interesting with alot of things in the works.  First off will be a LIVE free HYPNOSIS event where you can watch me hypnotizing Nikki Brooks!  Following that will be a more erotic adult show that will be available to my valued customers!

If you have participated in a prior live show with me, you can still access these lives shows for FREE!!  

If you want to have an archive of the show in full 480p WMV format, you'll need to spend $25 on my clips store in the month of October and forward the receipt to me at produciton @

NEW USERS: If you haven't ever participated in a LIVE event before, and want to see this one and possibly more in the future simply purchase $25 of clips at my clip store (click on the videos link on the left) and forward your receipt to me at production @ with your username for the live webcam show, and I'll email you a password.

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